Our city is important to us and has seen a lot of growth through the years.  Along with that growth we have seen the most amount of diversity we have had in this area since the establishment of Greenville NC in 1771 (originally founded as Martinsborough) then in 1786 it was moved to its current location and founded as Greenville NC.  Now that it is 2019 we have 30% of our population who have at least a bachelors degree and our population reflects the true melting pot of America.  We are diverse, we have many talents, we have families who originate from the United States as well as other countries, we have people who have experienced a variety of experiences and we have people who reflect different perspectives.  It’s important to hear the voices of the people…It’s important to represent the people, It’s important to be compassionate for the people and It’s important to represent all people. Our people and our neighborhoods are the most important factors in our city.  Join me as I continue to “Believe in Greenville…Believe in Us…One Community…One City”.  I am committed to uniting us as “we” build an inclusive community together. 

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