Greenville is considered as the “hub” of eastern NC and represents growth in health care, business, industry, education, and diversity.  Renee understands the importance of all these issues for people who live here and in surrounding areas.  More importantly she understands that none of these factors mean anything without the people who live here, the people who take pride in their neighborhoods, the people who want their voices heard, and the people who want to see continued growth in Greenville. 

Greenville has a lot to offer and the people are reflective of that belief.  Renee Boston-Hill wants to use her platform areas to enhance experiences in Greenville for everyone. This is reinforced by the “belief” that together we can work on the following areas promoting “Believe In Greenville…Believe In Us” supporting the concept of Greenville…One Community…One City.


for Jobs






Protecting Our


    Fighting for Jobs

Every person in Greenville deserves to find a job paying decent wages.  I will fight for more jobs in our community that will help people provide for themselves and their families.  Living paycheck before paycheck are some of the real experiences people have every day, and we can do better. 

    Championing Economic Development

Economic development can be expanded throughout the city of Greenville.  We need to explore opportunities throughout the city that will benefit more segments of the population. Our city can always benefit from having more viable jobs in the community through recruiting businesses to expand their operations in Greenville, finding businesses who are interested in relocating to our city, and using our most valuable asset of getting local entrepreneurs to expand or develop within our community.  We value the quality of life for all citizens and economic development is an essential part of that foundation.  We are One Community…One City.

    Celebrating Inclusiveness

It is important to maintain an open dialogue with all the citizens in Greenville NC. Our community consists of a variety of people who were born here, educated here, and relocated here.  Our campaign and my personal beliefs are that each members experience, perspectives, and lives are vital components of the things that can unite us.  Embracing our differences while simultaneously understanding the importance of working together to help our city move forward in an inclusive manner are essential to reassure that all citizens feel valued in the community. We cannot allow ourselves to be divided by race, class, socioeconomic status, or party affiliations.  We can work together to make Greenville a better place if we Believe in Greenville…Believe in Us…One Community…One City. 

    Protecting Our Citizens

Providing our officers and first responders with the best resources available to perform their duties to protect and serve.  Focusing on all aspects of public safety are in the best interest of all our citizens.  

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